Pocket Deck Demos

There are limitless ways to use Pocket Decks with your audience. Here are just a few examples to get you thinking about the decks you can create.

  1. Food Safety - Introduction

    This introduction deck is 1 of 7 in the Pocket Decks Food Safety training series, created for Back of House staff and food handlers. This complete programme can help your staff get a full understanding of the material required for the ServSafeĀ® Food Handler certification.

  2. Team Exercise - Familiarity

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    We work together every day, but how well do we really know each other? This deck is one in our "Team Building Toolkit" series, developed for team leaders who want to build stronger connections within their teams.

  3. Team Exercise - Gratitude

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    When we feel grateful, it lets us enjoy positive experiences more, cope better with stress, build stronger connections at work, and build our resilience. Try this deck from our "Team Building Toolkit" to reenforce this practice with your team.

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